Mats, ladders and cable trays


The mats, stairs and STEP cable trays produced in FRP already have been widely installed by STEP in several works of which we highlight, the gallery Expo 98 by their size and complexity, given the coexistence in the same space, communications cables and fiber optics, high and medium cables tension and pipes for drinking water.

The mats, stairs and installed STEP cable trays meet international standards, required by the work of owner particular ASTM E-84, E-662, E-162, E-635.

Floors and technical floors


Technical floors widely installed by STEP in STPs and other industrial facilities have been specially developed to meet the higher operating conditions which may occur in areas industrial and civil where corrosion resistance and heat insulation and Electric are key conditions.

Insulating fences


The STEP has in recent years installed several fences in GRP radio installations assistance at airports.

The use of these materials in these types of facilities have been specially specified to be insulating and transparent about radiation radio.

These characteristics associated to its high strength, light weight and no corrosion has made this type of fence will be increasingly More used in installations where corrosion absence of maintenance and immunity to electromagnetic radiation are features important to consider.